Monday, August 10, 2015

Rape of Lucretia at Glyndebourne

 Rather stunning live webcast of The Rape of Lucretia from Glyndebourne last night - which is available for a few days so you can catch up.

This was written for the great Kathleen Ferrier and first performed at Glyndebourne in 1946, so this is 69 years later. The cast and production is terrific.  Christine Rice plays the title role with Matthew Rose excellent as her caring and forgiving husband.

Fiona Shaw taking a curtain call
Tarquinius is portrayed convincingly by Duncan Rock and the Male and Female Chorus played by Allan Claytong and Kate Royal, provide the fascinating commentary and Christian framing of the work. Our friend Catherine Wyn-Rogers sang the faithful ancient maid Bianca who is also a mother-figure.

The librettist Robert Duncan is now almost completely forgotten - I had never heard of him - but on the evidence of this work he was very interesting.

Fiona Shaw directed brilliantly and took much deserved applause.

Catch it if you can!

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