Saturday, August 08, 2015

Wonderful Mahler 9 from the NYO

NYO of Great Britain
Listening on the radio to a phenomenal performance by the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain of Mahler 9 at the Proms, conducted by Sir Mark Elder.  They have just executed the fiendish Rondo-Burleske with the most amazing panache, at a speed that makes no concessions to their age at all!

The contrast between the National Youth Orchestra of the USA, which managed the Emperor OK, but which couldn't in a million years have pulled of Mahler 9, is stark. The fundamental difference is that the UK NYO is a permanent ensemble which plays together all the year, whereas the US NYO is a scratch ensemble formed by the Carnegie Hall each summer. Given the vast size of the USA there is no practical alternative. But it just shows the value of practising together- as well as youthful enthusiasm.

I now bitterly regret not actually going to the Prom. Catch it on i-player.

I haven't got to Psalm 103 yet (only on Psalm 45) but it makes me think of
Making thee young and lusty as an eagle!

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