Friday, September 11, 2015

Paris and Responsible Investment

 Elder Daughter and US Grandchildren left for the US on  Sun and I had to fly to Paris for a conference. Sadly there was no time to enjoy this amazing city because it was solid work. The Conference Hotel was just opposite the Opera so there were some pretty decent views from the room. Don Giovanni was on but alas no time to see it.

There were a number of excellent speakers at the conference: the business ones I regard as un-bloggable but we had two former PMs, Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Gordon Brown whom I hadn't met before. I was able to thank Gordon Brown personally for his vital role in helping to win the Scottish Referendum.

Straight back to London on the first flight to go to one day of the UN PRI PRIinPerson conference. It was very inspiring to see so many people so committed to Responsible Investment - and also very good to go to a financial conference where there was a roughly even gender balance.

The Lord Mayor gave an excellent and evidently heartfelt speech about the importance of Responsible investment, pointing out that his first speech as Lord Mayor was on responsible behaviour in the financial sector.

Daughter has been offered a position with a major global asset manager in this very area - we are delighted. This is a really important and growing field.

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