Saturday, October 24, 2015

Churchill Dinner with Theresa May

Home Secretary and her "Great Predecessor"
To a "Churchill Dinner" on Thurs in the Cabinet War Rooms where the Guest of Honour was Theresa May. She spoke very well about the need to counter extremism and encourage inclusive and tolerant British Values.

David Starkey spoke before her and made some very interesting points about Magna Carta. He said that it was a failure and disaster in 1215 but he praised William Marshall to the skies, who re-issued the Charter in 1216 as an act of great statesmanship.

There was a delightful Churchill impersonator present and I was delighted to be able to introduce Theresa to her distinguished predecessor.

There is also an interesting Churchill Museum with a number of curious memorabilia and a lot of archive footage. I enjoyed the comment by Alanbrooke that the Cabinet War Rooms had every advantage as a war HQ save one - its close proximity to Winston. It was also fascinating to see the letter offering Churchill £20,000 to write the History of the English Speaking Peoples - to be completed by April 1939.

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