Sunday, October 11, 2015

Conservative Conference and Hector MacLean

Ovation for Cameron on inequality
Went to my first ever Conservative Conference in Manchester which was fascinating. Mostly un-bloggable but some points I can mention.

I did see Cameron and again shook him by the hand to congratulate him. I had to leave before his speech but I saw it on YouTube and it was magnificent and inspiring. He got his first standing ovation when he called for the Party to act to deal with inequality!

The quality of some of the women MPs in the 2010 and 2015 intake is staggering.
  • I was very fortunate to sit next to Penny Mordaunt at a dinner (whose brilliant Loyal Address speech is the best I've ever heard)
  • Nicky Morgan is a very good egg indeed - the first of the female 2010 intake to reach the Cabinet. It was interesting speaking to a senior NUT official who said how much they like her because she really listens and respects teachers!
  • Lucy Fraser - a QC before she was an MP - is very impressive indeed.
  • Nicola Blackwood is outstanding, a very able Chair of the Science and Technology Select Committee. More than holds her own in a room full of FRSs one of whom has a Nobel Prize, and she'd only 35!
  • Rebecca Pow was also most impressive.
Last night attended a 25th wedding anniversary celebration of two dear friends, held at the Middle Temple. C wore her wonderful dress by Hector MacLean. Get one if you can!

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