Monday, October 19, 2015

Frieda Hughes, Hamlet, Ariadne auf Naxos and other delights

So much happened not enough time to blog.

Last Tues we went to the Installation of David Wooton as Master of my Livery Company and met some delightful new people as well as many old friend.

Then on Weds to our brilliant friend Frieda Hughes' exhibition and launch of her book of poems "Alternative Values" which are accompanied and illustrated by a set of paintings.  These are truly amazing and I strongly recommend both the exhibition and the book. We went with two wonderful musician friends Toby Spence and Ruth Palmer and then had supper afterwards.

On Thurs we saw the live broadcast of Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch and on Fri took C and Daughter to the RoH production of the wonderful Ariadne Auf Naxos - where Jane Archibald was particularly exceptional as Zerbinetta in an overall very strong cast. I really love the brilliance of the conception and of the music, which is pretty much the wittiest and funniest thing written in  the 20th Century. It also speaks quite deeply about the real nature of music and the pretentiousness that we all have to a greater or lesser extent.

Sat saw us take a long weekend just by Bath in the delightful village of Freshford - and had a particularly inspiring sermon from a retired local government solicitor (and priest) in the Parish Church. He spoke very movingly and directly about how we are called to be servants and must not be concerned about our own "importance".

Just back so apologies for not having posted much in the meantime!

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