Saturday, October 03, 2015

Supermoon, Kayak and Cornwall

Back from trips to Cornwall and Milan.

To Cornwall to see my mother for her birthday. We sad to learn on Sunday that Rev Canon Julia Wilkinson had died on Sat. May she rest in peace and rise in GLORY!

It was a pretty flat calm so I went out in a kayak and after a trial run the previous day checked with the lifeguard whether he thought it would be OK to go to the Quies and back - rocks that have always been near the horizon and which I have visited by Kayak 5 times before. "Go for it mate, great conditions" he said, forgetting (as I had done) that the Supermoon's supertides meant that the tiderace there was really spectacular.  If you look closely at the 2nd picture you can see how white the water is between the rocks.

As I came close I could hear the tiderace and was conscious that this was a bit of a "situation" but when I tried to go diagonally across it between the tiny rock (barely visible) and its tall neighbour the tide flipped me over and I was capsized at sea in a tiderace. Fortunately I kept my oar and my head and got back on, but I then found I was unable to make progress against the tiderace. I was planning to wait when lifeguards came out in a RIB and offered to tow me through the current to the other side - which I was happy to accept. Got back in time to do 3 Capsize Practice, which I should have done before I went out!

The supermoon was indeed spectacular, the more so since I could, at least in theory, have been killed by it!

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