Saturday, January 02, 2016

Happy New Year!

JS Bach (courtesy Wikipedia)
Happy New Year to all!

We celebrated at home with just a few friends including Ruth Palmer though sadly there was no music, and then went to the simple and moving Watchnight service at the local church.

Then I was strcuk down by the cold/sore throat that I had been fighting off and have only just surfaced - hence the delay in blogging.

Just played the Goldberg Variations which I find inexhausable and completely amazing each time. Bach is just the Master of Masters.  and vitrually every great composer since his time pays him homage - rightly.

I'm also making good progress with Book 2 of the Psalms (half way through Psalm 68) as well as making further adjustments to the translations of some of Book 1. I put quite a lot of extra effort to ensure that no two initial words of Psalms 9 and 10 were the same - except at the end when The LORD is repeated. They are a pair of alphabetical psalms so in my translation Psalm 9 goes from A to K and Psalm 10 from L to T.

I'm sure 2016 wil be an amazing year. There will be many challenges and many opportunities.

Let us see....

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