Sunday, January 10, 2016

Judi Dench in Winters Tale

Winters Tale Curtain Call
Yesterday to see Judi Dench in a completely magical production of A Winter's Tale by the Kenneth Branagh company.

The entire cast and production was superb. No doubt all the actors are very good individually but I've also observerd in everything Judi is in that there seems to be a "Judi effect" whereby everyone just gives a bit more and with even greater generosity.

Her Paulina is the heart of searing honesty in the play, and she does it superbly. Branagh is also on top form, with the transformation of his love into jealousy - which happens very quickly and is hard to bring off - done very well. Jessie Buckley's Perdita is an absolute delight - she should go far. Midanda Raison is a wonderful Hermione, Michael Pennington a great Antigonus and John Dalgliesh is a light-fingered, musical and roguish Autolycus.

I find the whole play enormously moving, and the matinee audience gave a well-deserved standing ovation.

Popped backstage to see Judi and thank her for having obtained the tickets for us since it was completely sold out. We were also able to convey congratulations from Maureen Lipmann who was just in front of us in the theatre but had to dash. And it was nice to see Penelope Wilton. Judi as always in terrific form and sporting a new tattoo from Finty for her birthday!

I very much hope, and expect, that the performance which was broadcast to hundreds of cinemas will be available on BluRay in due course. Get it!

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