Monday, February 15, 2016

As you Like It + the Problem with Freud

Curtain Call
To a wonderful production of As You Like It at the National Theatre on Sunday - a perfect choice for Valentine's Day!

It was slightly odd to being in an Open Plan Office but the point was revealed when all the office furniture took off and turned into suspended trees in the Forest of Arden, complete with suspended humans who made forest noises to eerie and powerful effect.

Joe Bannister, a fairly recent Cambridge graduate, was a delightful and convincing Orlando and Rosalie Craig a captivating Rosalind - even though only occasionally was much effort put into her being masculine as Ganymede. Pasty Ferran (who I think was the maid in the Angela Lansbury/Janie Dee Blythe Spirit) was a fine Ceila and the company as a whole was fine except for a couple of slighly poor line-speakers.

Polly Findlay the Director deserves enormous credit and she looks very young - certainly someone to watch!

An additional joy was the programme notes which contain Ken Dodd's wonderful remark about Freud on Comedy; "the problem with Freud is that he never had to play the Glasgow Empire second house on a Friday night"!

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