Monday, March 14, 2016

Nicole, Javier Camarena + Psalm 20

Javier Camerena, Eliana Bayón,  Nicole and NB
Nov 2012 Barcelona
Great to catch up with Nicole Cabell over here to sing Violetta in Traviata at Covent Garden.

I had been listening on Radio 3 to the live relay from the Met of Don Pasquale with the sensational Mexican Tenor Javier Camarena - who earned a very rare third encore at the Met.

Nicole sang L'Eliser d'Amore with him in Barcelona in 2012 and we all went out to a very enjoyable dinner afterwards.

I was (and still am) feeling a little sore in the legs after running 8 miles on Sat and then a 20 Mile race in Sun - at mile 9 my legs remembered they had done 8 miles before and the final 10 miles were pretty slow alas.

On the subject of 20s - since this is a very thin posting - here is my version of Psalm 20:

The LORD hear you in the day of trouble!
    The name of the God of Jacob defend you!
Send you help from the sanctuary,
    and give you His support from Mount Zion.
Remember all your offerings, and accept
    your sacrifices. May He grant to you
    your heart’s desire, and fulfil all your plans.
May we shout for joy at your victory,
    and triumph in the great name of our God.
And may The LORD grant all your petitions.
I know The LORD helps His anointed one;
    He'll answer him from His most holy heaven
    with mighty victories by His right hand.
Some put their trust in chariots, some in steeds,
    but we extol the name of The LORD our God.
They will crumple and fall,
    but we shall surely rise and stand upright.
LORD, to the King, we pray, give victory;
    You’ll answer us the day we call on Thee.

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