Thursday, March 17, 2016

Nicole's wonderful Traviata at Covent Garden

Nicola Luisotti, Tassis Christoyannis, Nicole and Piero Pretti
Last night to Covent Garden for Nicole's wonderful performance as Violetta in Traviata. She is such a great artist!  He voice has such astonishing beauty that the only word for it, as C pointed out, is "sublime". She's also such a communicative actor so that every gesture and nuance of that complex and tortured character was so tellingly evoked.

She was ably supported by her fellow-principals. Piero Pretti was Alfredo - standing in at fairly short notice from Ho-Yoon Chung, who was very good, and Tassis Christoyannis was an excellent Father, though of course we'd have been delighted if Nicole had appeared with her old friend the wonderful Quinn Kelsey. The chorus and staging were also excellent - the Act II party particularly effective.

As usual the programme notes are very imformative. The Dumas novel on which the opera was based is apparently macabre and much less sympathetic to the doomed lady. However Alexandra Wilson writes that:
Verdi's librettist was Francesco Maria Piave, a methodical but rather unimaginative writer and thus the ideal collaborator for Verdui, who could manipulate him to obtain precisely the libretto he required.
Verdi himself was living in an irregular relationship with a singer (and mother of serveal illegitimate children) who he later married which gave him a deeper insight and empathy.

We saw Nicole briefly afterwards. She has only one more performance on the 19th - catch it if you can!  She's doing Romeo and Juliet in Atlanta in May - if you're anywhere near Atlanta book NOW!  I do hope she comes back to Europe soon.

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