Sunday, April 17, 2016

A wind in the house of Islam

Launch of #BringBackOurGirls in 2014
courtesty World Watch Monitor
Wonderful sermon this morning by Julia Bicknell who runs World Watch Monitor about the conversion of St Paul in Acts 9.

She said that Ananias was in a similar position to a Christian told in a vision to go and visit an Islamist Terrorist leader who had come here to kill Christians - a thought provoking analogy especially when you think that Ananias didn't have the option of going to the police (though I've never quite understood why the High Priest could have people arrested in Damascus - it was part of the Decapolis and although there is some reason to believe it was controlled by Herod the Great and it may or may not have been under the control of Herod Philip until his death in 33/34.)

Julia went on to tell of the large number of Muslims who convert to Christianity, at great personal cost and in fear of their lives. Many of them have visions of Jesus - others are moved by the witness of Chirstians and revulsion at the deeds of Islamist extremists. She told of one Islamist fighter who came back to a Christian bookshop that he had previously frequented to say that he had decided to follow Jesus (who they call Isa Ibn Maryam) and of Dr. Imed Dabbour and his Sat7 programme Forbidden. She also drew attention to the book A Wind in the House of Islam by David Garrison which shows how many movements there are now of Muslims to Christ.

All very encouraging.

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