Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rotterdam Marathon and Referendum

Sprint finish
A delightful if somewhat strenuous last weekend in Rotterdam running the Rotterdam Marathon for the 3rd time - my 9th Marathon.

I'm pleased to say that this was my fastest Rotterdam time, with a really encouraging sprint finish. In age-graded terms it was my second best marathon ever - though in absolute terms only my 7th. My stretch goal for next year is to get sub 4:15 which would be just over 60% age graded and therefore an age-graded PB - but we shall see.  It's somewhat scary that the record time for a 62-year-old is 2:33(!!)

Frustratingly I lost my phone in Rotterdam and it took a few days to get a replacement, hence the delay in blogging.

The Official Designations of the Referendum Campaigns have happened so campagning can start in earnest. I was hoping to man the phones for Remain but they were fully booked last week - I'll do so next week DV. Almost without exception every single active world or business leader who could be said to have the interests of the UK at heart is urging us to Remain. It is astonishing that the polls at the moment are so close. Though of course it's very hard for the polling companies to know how to re-weight their samples for the Referendum: in a General Election you have a lot of data to go on but we haven't had a really significant UK-wide referendum since the 1970s.

Hopefully as people focus on the realities things will improve.  It would be great if we had a really good sprint finish here as well. We shall see...

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