Sunday, June 12, 2016

Back from SF and Stanford

Coming up towards the Golden Gate
Just back from a fascinating 5 days in San Francisco.  Mostly unbloggable alas but I was able to catch up with one of our oldest and most delightful friends.

I was also able to spend a hour with Al Roth at Stanford whom I greatly admire. It was very interesting listening to some of his ideas and discussing a wide range of topics including the dysfunctional incentives on public company boards and CEOs and the upcoming UK Referendum and US Presidential Election.  In both cases the result ought not to be in doubt, and to be fair the spread betting markets give a roughly 70% chance of Remain and of Hilary being the next President. But these ought to be 90%.

Al took some graduate courses with our old family friend George B Danzig and here is a picture of me with him which I think might date from 1987.

And below is a photo I took walking back through Stanford after seeing Al.

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