Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jo Cox RIP - she died defending her country

From Brendan Cox's Twitter Feed.
The photo on the left is from Jo Cox's husbard's twitter feed. It's: "the moment the #VoteLeave lot started hosing our kids with river water. Nice friendly lot."

One day later someone allegedly shouting "Britain First" shoots Jo Cox with a more lethal gun. She is now dead.

From all I've read she sounds like a wonderful woman. She died defending her country from the catastophe of Brexit, which in addition to the economic consequences - somewhere between Bad/Very Bad and Disater we cannot yet be sure - would surely lead to the breakup of the United Kingdom.

I am worried that a substantial proportion of my fellow-citzens have gone mad. Most of the Brexiters are either uneducated or simply out of touch with economic reality - though many their leaders are simply in it to "take control" for themselves.

Let us hope and pray that wiser counsels prevail and that the UK electorate does not vote to destroy the UK and wreck the economy.

PS I cannot find the name of the boat involved. Not listed in the pictures for "Fishing for Leave".

PPS (Responding to Andrew's comment below): I take some comfort from the facts that:
  1. The UK Electorate has never AFAIK in the last 100 years made a really stupid decision.
  2. The Spread Betting odds still show a 63% chance of Remain, despite the fact that the polls currently pretty much all show leads for Leave.

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andrew said...

As a silent but frequent reader of your blog I really hope you are right that common sense will prevail. However I fear that there is no space for the arguments anymore and the politicians driving this have unleashed the base xenophobic instincts in a large part of the population.