Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Prayer for the Referendum in Parliament Square

To Parliament Square for the prayer meeting to pray about the Referendum. It was an inspiring gathering and this photo doesn't do it justice. We clustered in small groups of 3-4 people and prayed together to a shared agenda, with each topic allocated about 10 minutes.

Having arrived early I had time to look at the moving memorial to Jo Cox. #LoveLikeJo is an inspiring idea - I do hope it lasts. I can find no reference to an explicit Christian faith, but she was clearly on the side of the Sheep and not the Goats!

Michael Gove's comparison of the Nobel Prizewinners and other scientists and economists against Brexit to the German scientists in the pay of the Nazis is breathtaking. Maybe he realises that Brexit would be a disaster and wants to lose deliberately?

Farage has pulled out of the Brexit debate for undisclosed "family reasons". I do hope he and his family are well. It would be much better if he withdrew from public life altogether and concentrated on them.

Let us hope and pray that the Referendum leads to a right result and that there is a speedy healing of the bitterness that it has engendered.  I''l be campaigning most of tomorrow.

PS (23 June) I spoke to a Leave "teller" in a polling station. She says Jo Cox was an evil marxist, and makes poisonous allegations against her husband. I didn't quite have the heart to ask if she thought Jo Cox was a "traitor" but I strongly suspect she did
PPS: I saw her later today and did ask her if she thought Jo Cox was a traitor. She did indeed.  So I asked if she deserved to be shot - she did not, and thought that was terrible.

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