Sunday, July 03, 2016

What a week - finishing with Round the Island

 What an extraordinary week!

The Conservative Summer Party on Weds was a fascinating affair. I spoke to all the then supposed leadership contenders and, mainly to reassure my Chinese clients considering investment in the UK, got "selfies" with a number of them. David took the one on the left which is good of him and one of the worst ones of me I've ever seen!
Notwithstanding my previous post it's clear to me that Theresa May - who I know only a little but like a lot - should be our next PM. She is by far the best placed to steady the ship and bring the country and the party together, and to lead discussions with Merkel and others on finding a sensible way forward.  I was very impressed by her leadership speech and I hope and pray that the Conservative members have the good sense to elect her.

Stephen Crabb would be an excellent successor when the time comes, and there are of course other possibilites. Boris has done the right thing to stand down as a candidate - he really couldn't have done it.

I should also mention that we went to the Dr Faustus which turned out to be a modern "adaptation" with most of the text by a contemporary playwright.

And I did my first Round the Island Race which was spectacular!

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