Sunday, October 09, 2016

Cornwall, Conference and Boston

Very busy few days. First to Cornwall to celebrate Mother's 85th birthday - then to Conservative Conference, then to Warwick University to give a seminar, and finally to Boston to meet some clients - with the very pleasant side-effect of seeing Elder Daughter and her family. Mother was in good form and Cornwall was amazingly beautiful - as it almost always is when not raining!

The Conference (only the second I've attended) was notable for me because of the very grown-up and long-term approach the May government is taking to policy-making. No-one thinks for one moment that Labour can win under Corbyn. So the only election where there is an appreciable chance of the Conservatives losing power is in 2025 (or 2023 if May is forced to call an early GE next year which is unlikely but not completely impossible) and realistically the first seriously competitive GE is in 2030. This means that, for the first time ever, we have a government in the UK that is focused on a 7-12 year timeframe and that is surely a good thing. They are adopting sensible long-term approaches to policy-making, with Green Papers and White Papers before legislation so that there can be proper consultation on ideas. 
The other big advantage the May government has is that there is a clear national consensus that Things Have Got to Change. This is enormously powerful: people like innovation but they don't really like to change the way they operate.

Finally to Boston to meet some clients and also a Chinese colleague who is at the Kennedy School. Alas no time to catch up with my Harvard or MIT friends since I had a very early flight on Saturday. Next time...

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