Monday, December 26, 2016

Boxing Day and Psalm 148

Wonderful Christmas Day with all our descendants and living ancestors. It was also great to go to SPH for Christmas Day - fascinating sermon from the vicar on the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew - the genealogies which are often skipped but which emphasise that the incarnation is a real event. It's also interesting, as noted, that the women mentioned (Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Uriah's former wife, and Mary) had controversial aspects to them.

Now I have the same delight of all my descendants and my one living ancestor, although C's parents have gone back.

So I must get back to family. But here is the set Boxing Day Psalm:

Psalm 148
O Praise The LORD in the Heavens
O praise Him in the height
O praise Him all His Angels
O praise Him all His might
O praise Him sun and moon
O praise Him starry lights
O praise Him heaven of heavens
And waters in the heights

O let them to The LORD's great name give praise
Because at His command they came to be
For ever, evermore He set them firm
He gave His unsurpassable decree.

O praise The LORD from the earth
Sea monsters and all deeps

O Fire, hail, snow, and vapours,
Wind, storm that do His deeds.
O mountains and all hills
Fruit trees and cedars tall
O Creeping things and winged birds
O Beasts and cattle all
O earthly kings and peoples
Rulers and judges of earth
Youngsters, maidens, people all
Whatever your age or birth

O let them to the LORD's great name give praise
For His name is exalted all alone
His glory above heaven and earth is raised
And He has lifted up His nation's horn.
That [rightful] praise His righteous ones should win
For Israel's children, people close to Him.

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