Friday, December 16, 2016

Denis Noble's latest paper: Evolution viewed from physics, physiology and medicine

From Video of Denis's lecture in London in Nov
Deeply honoured to have been sent a draft of Denis Noble's latest paper "Evolution viewed from physics, physiology and medicine" on his brilliant work rethinking the foundations of evolutionary theory, and to have been able to suggest some improvements which has has found helpful. I think this paper will come out in Journal of the Royal Society: Interface next year.

One important presentational point is that he is offering a Principle of Biological Relativity and it is better to describe it thus rather than a Theory, which nowadays has the connotations of something with a more detailed mathematical basis that makes specific predictions. This will be for others to develop - perhaps Martin Nowak and his brilliant colleagues.

Obviously I can't post anything from the paper until it is published but do look out for it. In the meantime, get Denis' book (though the Second Edition will have some significant improvements, not least in clarifying the Principle/Theory issue) and/or watch his lecture.

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