Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday to the Crib Service at St Paul's Hammersmith which was a sweet build-up to the crib scene punctuated by carols. The grandchildren enjoyed participating.

On Friday to the Richmond Pantomime, Sleeping Beauty, where the wicked fairy was played with gusto by Maureen Lippmann. I've long admired her and first met her at a show of Janie Dee's where she told me to send Janie her love but she had to go back to Jack her husband who was ill. The juveniles were Lauren Hood (who was Vera in Mrs Henderson Presents - the Musical) and Dan Partridge - I wonder what will happen to them?

Sadly we didn't have time to go backstage on Friday because my sister was kindly driving my mother up from Cornwall and we all had a delightful family supper together, and raised a glass as always to my late father who died on the 23rd.

Here is  a Christmas Psalm - ​Psalm 126 (a song of ascents)
O when The LORD returned the ones returning to Zion
We were as ones who dreamed!
Then were our mouths with laughter filled, our tongues filled with singing
Then they will tell the nations that The LORD
Has done great and amazing things for us!
The LORD has done great things for us - we're overjoyed!
Return O LORD us ones who do return
Like watercourses in the Negev desert.
The ones who sow in tears shall reap in song
They go,
They go out weeping carrying the seeds
They come,
They come back singing, carrying the sheaves.
The somewhat curious word repetitions: returned/ go /come /carrying are all in the original.

I wish you all a very merry and blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2017.

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