Thursday, December 15, 2016

NCPA and Sanya concerts

Back from an amazing and largely unbloggable trip to China. But I can talk about the concerts I went to!  On the 3rd it was a delightful production of Don Pasquale at the NCPA. This had the rather delicious conceit of making Dr Malatesta into a Groucho Marx figure and having a mute Harpo (right in the photo) coming on a making mischief, with the Doctor's cousin as Chico. Norina (Rosa Feola), Pasquale (Carlo Lepore) and Malatesta (Allesando Luongo) were excellent. The following evening I went to a piano recital about which the less said the better!

However in Sanya my friend Warren Mok and some of his friends sang at a concert and we were delighted to hear them and go to dinner afterwards. All crowd-pleasers but very nicely performed, and it was great fun to catch up with Warren. Wang Bingbing is at the start of her career and living in Milan. Liao Chanyong is terrific - Warren says he is the best in China which I can well believe.

The Guanzhou Symphony Orchestra with their excellent female conductor Jing Huan will be touring the UK next year - well worth catching.

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