Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Psalm 105

From The Sarajevo Hagaddah,
Courtesy Wikipedia

O give thanks to The LORD, call on His name
And make His works be known among the nations!
O sing to Him, O bring your song to Him
And tell of all the wonders He has done!
Exult and glory in His holy name
They will be glad of heart who seek The LORD!

O search out for the LORD and for His strength
Continually seek His countenance! 
Recall to mind the miracles He's done
The judgments and the wonders of His mouth.
Descendants of His servant Abraham
Children of Jacob, you His chosen ones.
He is The LORD indeed He is our God
His judgments reign supreme in all the earth.

Forever He recalls His covenant
The word He gave for a thousand generations.
That He made with His seal with Abraham
And with His solemn oath to Isaac too
Gave it to Jacob as a fixed decree
An everlasting covenant to Israel.
Saying: to you I'll give the land of Canaan
It shall be your inheritance and lot.

When they were few, in number very small
And sojourning like strangers in that land.
They wandered from one nation to another
And from one kingdom to a different people.
But no one was allowed to plunder them
And kings got His rebuke on their behalf:
Do not lay hands on my anointed ones
And to my prophets you shall do no harm.

He called, and famine fell upon the land
And all the staff of bread He broke in bits.
He sent ahead of them a single man
Joseph, who was sold as a mere slave
They hurt his foot with fetters forged from iron
But he came through all this with life preserved.
Until the time came when his word came true
The saying of The LORD purified him.

The King sent orders that he be released
The ruler of the peoples set him free
And he ordained him master of his house
And ruler over all that he possessed.
To bind his ministers as he should choose
And teach and give instructions to his elders.

And Israel came into the land of Egypt
And Jacob dwelt within the land of Ham.
And He increased His people very much
And made them stronger than their enemies
Whose heart towards His people turned to hate
To devise dreadful plots against His servants.

He sent to them Moses His servant true
And Aaron who He chose to work with him
They made among them words and deeds His signs
And wondrous works within the land of Ham.
He sent them darkness made it dark
And they rebelled not ‘gainst his word
He turned their waters into blood
And put to death their fish therein.
A plague of frogs swarmed in their land
And reached the chambers of their kings
He spoke and lice arrived to plague
All creatures in their territory.
He gave them hail instead of rain
And flaming fire within their land
And struck the vines and their fig trees
And broke the trees within their land
He spoke and locusts came to plague
And hopping locusts numberless
And ate all grass within their land
And ate the fruit within their land
And He struck all firstborn in their land
the first of all their strength.
He brought them out with silver and with gold
And no-one in His tribes was a stumbler
Egypt rejoiced when they went out
Because their fear fell upon them
He spread a cloud to cover them by day
And sent them fire to give them light by night
They asked of Him and He did send them quail
And satisfied them with the bread of heaven.
He opened up a rock and water gushed
A river flowed within the wilderness.

For He was mindful of His holy word
The word He gave to Abraham His servant.
And He brought out His people joyfully
His chosen ones with songs suffused with joy.
And He did give to them the heathen’s lands
And they inherited the nations’ toil.
So that they shall observe his laws always
And His Torah may keep, and give Him praise.

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