Thursday, December 01, 2016

Two dinners with brilliant friends

Lots going on and not really time to blog it. Dinner with friends in the Reform Club where I saw this rather delicious cartoon, reminding us that political strife isn't exactly new.

On Sunday we had dinner with our brilliant friend Hava Siegelmann who was on a short visit to London. And on Monday, dinner on High Table at Trinity with the great Cynthia Dwork and my old friend Andrew Blake. Opposite her was the Fields Medalist Alan Baker who had taught me as an undergraduate. He was delighted to find that Cynthia's father was Bernard Dwork, described in his Princeton obituary as "perhaps the world’s greatest p-adic analyst." They say "His proof of the rationality of the zeta function of varieties over finite fields, for which he was awarded the AMS Cole Prize in Number Theory, is one of the most unexpected combinations of ideas we know of."

Then when we retired to the Combination Room for Port and further conversation we found ourselves next to David Baulcombe the great plant biologist. And on my recommendation he's going to read Denis Noble's new book Dance to the Tune of Life.

What a small and interesting world!

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