Sunday, January 29, 2017

Elizabeth Watts and Consequences

Elizabeth Watts publicity photo
Last night to 22 Mansfield Street to hear Elizabeth Watts and Malcolm Martinu do a dry run of their Wigmore Hall recital on the 2nd Feb. This was a veritable feast of Schubert lieder

  • Nähe des Geliebten D162
  • Vergebliche Liebe D177
  • Liebe schwärmt auf allen Wegen
  • Das Rosenband D280
  • Lambertine D301
  • Die verfehlte Stunde D409
  • Gott im Frühlinge D448
  • Aus Diego Manazares D458
  • Pflicht und Liebe D467
  • Der Sänger am Felsen D482
  • Die Blumensprache D519
  • La pastorella al prato D528
  • Heiss mich nicht reden D726
  • So lasst mich scheinen D727
  • Der Blumen Schmerz D731
  • Nachtviolen D752
  • Du bist die Ruh D776
  • Auf dem Wasser zu singen D774
  • Im Frühling D882
  • Über Wildemann D884
  • Heimliches Lieben D922
  • Frühlingslied D919

and for an encore An Die Musik which I love so much and played at my 60th.  All beautifully sung and played!  For me the most convincing performance was Die Blumensprache and also the only Italian song, La pastorella al prato.  Do get to their Wigmore if you can!

It was also interesting and commendable that she used the opportunity to publicise a charity of which she is Patron, called Consequences which is "a small group of people who have a serious offender in our family. We have years of experience of turning the pain which once darkened our lives, into a healing resource for all who request our help. We offer on going support free of charge to anyone who needs us."  Apparently they have worked with 100 serious offenders and only one has re-offended.

We wondered if we'd see anyone we knew at the concert. Pretty well immediately we saw an old friend who we've known since we were at Cambridge. Then we saw the great Sally Burgess and her husband Neal in the audience, who we haven't seen for ages. Then C recognised another woman she'd been at Cambridge with but hadn't seen since. And finally I was accosted by someone I had been at school with but had barely seen since then. So we all had dinner together. And then when Sally and Neal left, a charming young couple joined us who turned out to know one of my running friends. What a small world!

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